The Hollywood Reporter declared, “Chiaramonte Films has brought a new Dimension to TV and the music business”, while Cash Box proclaimed, “Andrew Chiaramonte: A celluloid hero in a vinyl world”. Very few people can significantly influence the development of an artistic medium, and fewer still are instrumental in the creation of an entirely new art form. Andrew Chiaramonte has accomplished both. After graduation from NYU, Chiaramonte went on to create award winning films for the US Air Force.

His films possessed a fresh and original point of view and his creativity earned 16 domestic and international film festival awards. In Los Angeles, Chiaramonte promoted a revolutionary concept involving advertising record albums on television.

An entirely new idea at the time. Among the literally hundreds of artists that his creativity touched are: The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Randy Newman, Alice Cooper, Bob Marley, The Temptations, Rod Stewart, Crosby/Nash, Isaac Hayes, Stevie Wonder, Freddie Fender, Diana Ross, and The Jackson Five.

His utilization of subliminal editing, laser imagery and animation very early in the evolution of what has become recognized as a global idiom, the language of MTV, is remembered by insiders as truly pioneering work. Chiaramonte’s personal creative evolution continued as a writer. Among his screenplays are “The Perfect Candidate”, “Ricardo Del Rey”, “Twogether”, “For the Life of Riley”, “Shriek”, “Looking Good”, “Busted Blues Express”, and the adaptations of Barbara Chase-Riboud’s novel, “Sally Hemmings” and Deidre S. Laiken’s Edgar award-winning novel, “Death Among Strangers”. Chiaramonte recently completed “StarStruck”, his epic rendering of the life of Galileo and “John Doe Trouble”, an original action–revenge film suggested by an actual event and, with Emmett Alston, “X-13” a grand scale science-fiction action romance. Chiaramonte and Alston are in the process of completing “Stunt Driver” about the kidnapping of a starlet while filming in the Republic of Georgia and “The Young and the Cursed”, a paranormal love story. Sony Pictures acquired “Twogether”, Chiaramonte’s feature film directorial debut, for worldwide distribution. Kevin Thomas in his Los Angeles Times review said, “Twogether is a terrific love story, one of those independently made intimate movies that comes out of nowhere to captivate you with its passion and integrity.” The film had its world premiere in Cannes and went on to screen in competition at the Avignon Film Festival, Cairo Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro Film Festival, and Worldfest, Charleston.